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Veterans For Obama

__2008-04-22 @ 5:24 p.m._______

Today is Primary Day in Pennsylvania. I don�t expect Barack Obama to win that state but I hope he�s within single digits at least. What in the hell is it going to take to get Hillary Clinton to quit this race? I like some of her stances on the issues but she�s not what I want in a leader. She seems prickly and power-hungry and just not a decent person at all. I�ve began ignoring her soundbites and quotes.

I took five or so days off from the campaign so as to focus on my ever-increasing responsibilities at work and my personal life in general. I dropped back in on the Charlotte HQ early afternoon this past Friday and was given a couple of tasks related to Youth Outreach which I enjoyed and I was asked if I�d like to be somewhere in the chain of command of the local Veterans For Obama outreach org. Here�s me in 1990. I belonged to 3/505 PIR.


My first task to identify where we can reach veterans � especially young veterans. Camping out at VA hospitals is not a realistic or tasteful option. My experience is that the military is comprised or all types of men and women who upon discharge generally return to their hometowns and ponder their next steps. I�m thinking that leaving flyers out on college campuses announcing a meeting and hoping that someone shows up or emails might be a good first step.

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